What we wear is a measure of who we are

The Great Closet originated from persons who feel shopping is not just about what we need. It’s about our identity. What we wear is a measure of who we are in this world. Even if no one is receiving our signals, to us every clothing decision is defining, and a part of our heart. Our notion is that being well-dressed helps feeling confident and powerful, but elegance or style, does not consist only in putting on a new dress.

Luxury brands should no longer feel out of reach

All of The Great Closet merchandises are purchased directly from specific personal collections or authorized retailers of the brands. Offering genuine, high quality new and pre-owned items at the Great Closet we eliminate the uncertainty around buying luxury online. We offer access to the top-class fashion designers, with the comfort of a guarantee of style, quality and authenticity of each piece we sell. Luxury brands should no longer feel out of reach, with designers such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Hermès, Jimmy Choo and Burberry at up to 80% off of the original retail price.

Moreover, we identify and point-out up-and-coming designers that have vision, creativity and talent, who make awesome items that we want to wear.

We are always passionate about shoes and accessories and we carefully select the brands and products checking the quality, age and authenticity of each piece. Then we photograph them and put them on our website, ready to ship around the globe.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic pair of shoes or an investment handbag, at the Great Closet we have redefined shopping luxury. Finding highly coveted designer items has never been easier and even buying used, feels like buying new!